Suit up!

by Sunday, September 6, 2015

Yaaaay, fin des examens!! After two weeks of resits, I’m so tired of studying and so ready for some shopping and blogging. It’s been a hectic two weeks, and an even more hectic week is coming, since I’m packing for Barcelona. Not for travelling, but for living. I’m studying there ’till Christmas and I honestly have no idea how I’m gonna fit all of my stuff in two suitcases. This also means I’ll be blogging from Spain from now on. Be prepared for some sunny summery blogposts people!!

Saturday, my nephew got married! Since I’ve been to waaaay too many weddings in a short time, I wanted to wear something different to change things up a bit. So, I went with a suit, matching my boyfriend. But, I’m still a lady, so instead of wearing a tie, I went with a totally over the top necklace. Hooray new Zara collection.

I’m wearing an all black and dark blue outfit, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t wear some colourful shoes and an eye-catching clutch. These two I found at the new Primark store in Ghent. Thé perfect shop for some last minute accessory shopping. Yet, not the perfect shop for a ten minute shopping spree: waaaaay to much clothes, shoes, bags, candles, pajamas,.. God help me.

As for my hair and make-up, I went with a tight low ponytail, dark eyeshadow and light orange lipstick from MAC.

SOME FUN NEWS TO END WITH: I’m doing a giveaway for Boutique Minimaliste, check my instagram on Tuesday: mrsesperanza!!!! JEEEEJ

I hope you liked it! And, I wish a life full of love and happiness to the happy couple Pieter&Ellen! ♡


PS: How cute is my boyfriend?? Aaaah gonna miss this one so much when I’m studying abroad! ♡

Wearing: Zara trousers/necklace, Primark blouse/heels/clutch, H&M blazer, MacCosmetics make-up

Pictures: Petra Van Maldegem


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