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by Saturday, July 18, 2015

On the hottest day of July, my friends and I went to a make-up workshop at Massy Creations. Make-up artist Nanja Massy taught us her tips&tricks, from day creams to eyeshadows. Knowing we would be hot, she immediately started to fill our glasses with cava – she knows what a girl wants. ♡ Putting make-up on your face in 30 degrees is not the perfect combo, but still, we did have a great time and loved using her make-up products (gimme that lipstick collection, pretty please).

We each got our own mirror and make-up brushes and Nanja also gave us our own pen (which looked like a lipstick – it’s in the details) and a face on paper (I don’t know if there exists a word for this, hihi), so we could write everything nicely down. Here is a short summary of what I thought was most interesting:

  1. When you’re applying your foundation, you should always blend it down, not up
  2. You should apply highlight on your cheakbones, Cupid’s bow (upper lip) and in between your eyebrows (down -> up)
  3. Blush should be applied as follows: put two finger next to your lips, make a duckface and apply in the area right under your cheakbones, then make a 3 -> up untill above your eyebrow (the middle of it) and down.

If you want to learn more of Nanja’s tips and tricks, you should really go to one of her make-up workshops. Reservations can be made on her website: 

PS: For those among you who are more interested in hair updo’s -> she also does hair workshops. Check out her instagram for more pictures: nanjamassy

I hope you liked it! And don’t forget to check out my instagram: mrsesperanza

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