La Dolce Vita: Part II

by Tuesday, August 11, 2015

As promised, part II of my roadtrip to Italy.

This time I’ll be writing about what I LOVED and DIDN’T in Bologna & Firenze.

Enjoy reading!


STOP 3: BOLOGNA, Italy (18-21 July)

  • The beautiful coloured houses.
  • This university city is very lively, but not too touristic.
  • MUST DO: At night, enjoy a glass of wine on one of the small squares, whilst admiring the beautiful buildings surrounding you -> so romantic
  • MUST STAY: I recommend you to stay in the centre, so you can enjoy a walk at night and have a drink without having to worry about driving to your hotel
  • MUST EAT: This restaurant in the (slightly blurry) picture was amazing, typical Italian, but sadly we forgot how it’s called! Tip: eat the tagliatelli bolognese!

  • I really can’t say anything negative about Bologna. We only wished we had stayed in the centre. Our hotel was about 10 minutes driving to the centre, but we’d rather stayed within walking distance.

STOP 4: FIRENZE, Italy (21-24 July)

  • Firenze is the capital of Tuscany, known as the most beautiful Italian region. Everything they say about the ‘Birthplace of the Renaissance’ is true: impressive buildings in colours you’ve never seen before (Duomo = most impressive), amazing public squares, the beautiful Ponte Vecchio,…
  • MUST DO: explore the city at night -> concerts everywhere in public squares, beautiful lighting of buildings,…
  • MUST EAT: try the Florentine steak: d e l i c i o u s
  • MUST STAY: Hotel Palazzo Castri 1874, right in the centre, but still easy to reach + prettiest hotel e-ver! Look at the lights at night from our terras:

  • Firenze is waaay too touristic. You barely see natives in the centre, because they move to their vacation homes during summer. I recommend visiting the city very early in the morning or at night!

I hope you liked it!

Next up: part III about Siena and Como (personally, my favorite part).



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