La Dolce Vita: Part I

by Sunday, August 9, 2015

Are you ready for some travel tips??

From 15-25 July my man and I went on a roadtrip to Italy, visiting following cities/lakes:

Lake Geneva – Turin – Bologna (+ daytrip Ferrara) – Firenze (+ daytrip Siena) – Como.

AND WE TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE, with Italy and (still) with each other. (How sweet am I??) ♡

If you’re interested in my personal opinion about the cities we’ve visited, you’re in the right place at the right time! This post is all about what I LOVED, and what I DIDN’T. Since I didn’t want to bore you with toooo many pics at once: here comes part I 😉

I hope it will inspire you for your future trips and remember:

STOP 1: LAKE GENEVA, Switzerland (15-17 July)

  • The beautiful view (ofcourse)-> It’s one of the largest lakes in Western Europe, but still so peaceful
  • The smaller towns around the lake where you can lay down and take a swim (think: Lutry,…)
    -> If you’re more into crowded, lively cities I recommend Lausanne, Genève,…
  • It’s the perfect stop when you’re driving to Italy and need a break during the long drive
  • MUST DO: take a walk by the boulevards around the lake at sunset, soooo romantic
  • MUST STAY: hotel Lavaux, if you’re into some peace and quiet away from crowded cities + it has an amazing lakeview

  • The prices: Swiss people earn much more than we do, so food prices are waaaay too high. Think: 28 euro for a pasta, 28 euro for 50cl wine..

STOP 2: TURIN, Italy (17-18 July)

  • Lovely public squares, gardens, castles,..
  • MUST DO:  Monte cappuchini for an amazing view over the city, stroll along the Po River, go shopping in Via Roma (loooove the romantic galleries)
  • MUST EAT: We went for dinner at E Cucina, where they surprise you with really delicious courses
  • MUST STAY: Residenza Dell’Opera -> a small, yet beautiful hotel right in the centre

  • In most cities in Italy you can’t drive in the centre, so reaching your hotel might be difficult. It’s recommended to call your hotel beforehand to ask them how they can be reached by car

STOP 3: BOLOGNA, Italy (18-21 July)

Ferrara, Italy 

  • Ferrara is not only the capital of the province Ferrara, it’s also called “the capital of the Renaissance” and looking at the amazing buildings, it sure deserves its name. It has been qualified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site
  • MUST DO: wander in the small streets enjoying the typical Italian atmosphere
  • MUST EAT: if you’re also staying near Bologna centre, like we did, and just visited Ferrara for one day, we truly recommend you to go for dinner at Vito San Luca. A typical Italian (and sooo delicious) restaurant at the top of the Monte della Guardia, with a beautiful view on Bologna and the Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca

  • Ferrara is very beautiful, but also very small. You’ve seen it all in only a couple of hours, so I wouldn’t recommend to stay there for more than one day if you’re into citytripping 😉

That’s all for now!

Next week, I’ll be writing about Bologna and Firenze!



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