Nice to meet you! I’m Adeline! I am a 24 year old fashion and food lover and Ghent based journalist.

I am an ever enthousiastic person, especially when I am shopping or cooking, I am addicted to high heels and earrings and I love reading fashion blogs. I decided to start one of my own to share my idea of fashion with you.

I love peonies, cooking (and eating) Italian food, instagramming, vogue, scandinavian design, good belgian beer, summer dresses, my grandma’s teacups, and ofcourse, everything pink.


Esperance is my grandmother’s name, who’s also my godmother. She is the most amazing woman, a true inspiration to me. She is the most helpful and selfless person I’ve ever met.
My parents chose to give me her name as my second name, and I’m wearing it with so much proud. She taught me many life lessons, but one I’m especially remembering as regards my blog: be yourself. That’s what I’m trying to do when I’m writing and taking pictures.


I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and feel free to always contact me and give me some advice!

Hope to hear from you soon!